GSA Search Engine ranker is very good .. we have used for several projects and have rankings for our projects .. But beofre you start studying the software thoroughly wrong steps your website can land in mess ..

GSA SER is great if you use it properly. If you use the wrong you have to buy a new domain and start from scratch, because it will destroy your domain. If you take your time and build your campaigns carefully then GSA can be very powerful. I think it’s worth the money.

GSA is a very powerful SEO tool if you know how to use it. It takes some time to master. You also need good proxies, indexer, and e-mail accounts

GSA is still good for the churn and burn sites. Also good to spam youtube videos.

GSA would be good for scraping for high PR .edu and .gov websites that allow dofollow backlinks for me to get relevant comments about because my website content is built entirely around both post-secondary education and government to leave the matter? I think that is the main reason why I have been pretty quick Google searches climbed a 22,000-a-month search term; I can only be a few hundred links, but many of them of high PR .edu websites

GSA is still useful as spam tool. But you should know what you’re doing with it to see results. There is also a monthly cost of running it, dedicated servers, proxies, indexing service, gscraper / ScrapeBox to scrape goals, proxies for scraping etc. I think most people who try and probably use many hundreds of dollars waste without seeing any valuable results, and that’s not even mentioning the ability to burn your site.

I have seen with my own eyes that some people rank and the bank ridiculously high volume terms in the first place by using GSA. The learning curve is huge and even after all the software needed (more than $ 500 alone cost for lifetime license software) have purchased you will still need to pay $ 100 per month on a VPS and proxies. Some software can also be used on monthly subscriptions, you may need to buy lists on the spot (if you do not scrape your own.) Probably adding another $ 100 per month to your expenses. Thank God for tax depreciation!


Summarizing GSA is not for the faint of heart, and simply place their formation and forget about it rarely will work more, even if you are trying to rank parasite pages. It is much more difficult than setting up a PBN, but God is worthy if done right it.


That said, you could build a somewhat decent PBN with the money it takes to get these tools in addition to the costs associated with running the software per month, especially if you dropped only purchase domains.